Other Dancing Jobs Options


A career as a dancer is not the only career where you can feel satisfied. There are other careers that involve dancing that can be just as rewarding to be involved in.

All of the careers suggested here will be afilliated to dancing in some way.

What Else You Can Do



Another job very close to performing as a dancer and that can be just as rewarding is a career as a dance teacher. In fact many dancers working in the industry also teach as well.

Teaching dance can pay well (which is why many dancers to it), is rewarding and it is usually easier to find work as a teacher than as a dancer.

You will usually need to be qualified in order to do this. If you have a degree in dance or have have attended dance college this will often be enough though for some disciplines you may need further qualifications.

Some bodies such as ISTD offer qualifications that help you to become recognised as a dance teacher.

You will also usually need some sort of insurance, some venues require also first aid skills and a CRB check if you are working with children.

There are different ways you can go about teaching. You can apply for existing vacancies, you can visit a dance studio and say that you are interested in teaching some classes there or you can start up your own classes!


The pay can vary from an hourly wage of around £20/ hr - £40/ hr as a guide though this can be more or less depending on the organisation that you work for. If you run your own classes your salary will depend upon the number of people that attend your classes and how much you charge them.

Another career close to dancing, is that of a dance choreographer. In order to make it to the top as a dancer usually requires a somewhat distinguished career as a dancer, but this is not always the case.

If the choreography is good enough there is likely to be a market for it. And with choreography you can get started on your own. From starting a dance group or choreographing local shows, you can build up your name from there.

Choreography is very much about reputation. You can start off in this career at a young age, though many choose to go into it only in later life when their dancing days are over.

Both dance teaching and choreographing involve you dancing because you need to teach and show the students/ dancers what you want them to do.

Good teaching skills, communication skills and patience all help when going into either one of these jobs.

You can also be involved in dance in other ways, when dancing is not necessarily the main thing you are doing.




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